composer, arranger, performer



The End of All Journeys

duration  14.00

3333 - 4331 - timp + 3 - hp - str

A melting pot of contemporary dance music textures, mixed with Romantic orchestral colours. A large scale reflection on light and dark, violence and peace.

Commissioned by Symphony Australia. Premiered by the Melbourne Symphony, conducted by Richard Mills. Nominated for an Art Music Award (APRA-AMCOS Best New Work)


Thugine Legend

duration  9.00

2222 - 22 - 1 perc - str

Based on a Dreamtime story of two boys who are forbidden to follow the hunters, but do anyway. They come to the sea, where Thugine the Rainbow serpent lures them into the water. The hunters find them, frozen into rocks, far out to sea...

Winner of the inaugural Corbould Composition Prize. Premiered by the Queensland Philharmonic, conducted by Patrick Strub. Also performed by the Melbourne Symphony, and used in their educational materials



A Matter of Honour

duration  8.00

solo trombone  3232 - 4331 - timp + 2 - str

Knights in shining armour, damsels in distress, and a rollicking finale. This piece is written for advanced high school students to play, with a challenging solo trombone part. There is also a piano and trombone reduction.

Commissioned by Blackburn High School, Melbourne, for VCE performance by Kieran Conrau (Empire Horns, Cat Empire)




duration  10.00

2222 - 4231 - timp + 1 - hp - str

A funeral procession, influenced by the funerary rites of several different cultures. A sparse, morbid opening gives way to a procession that gradually gains momentum, culminating in a wild paean to the dead.

Composed for the Australian Composer's Orchestral Forum (ACOF), mentored by Richard Mills. Premiered by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Porcelijn



duration  18.00

3333 - 4331 - timp + 3 - hp - synth - str

Composed as part of PhD studies, this piece is based on the poem by Constantine Cavafy. The poem itself refers to the journey of life, and how you should live for the journey. This piece is also a journey; involving the assimilation of several musical genres into one. There is a prominent synthesizer part.

Ithaka was written specifically for university performers, and was premiered by the University of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Fabian Russell



The Angel Gabriel Said

duration  13.00

4 tpt, 3 hn, 3 tbn, euph, tb

Although not overtly religious, this piece portrays the vision of angels to the prophet Daniel in the Bible. The first half depicts the mundane workings of the human world, through funk rhythms and harsh chords. Gradually the angels appear, with antiphonal trumpets adding to the halo of sound, until the entire performance space is ringing with sound.

Premiered at the Melbourne International Festival of Brass by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Brass Ensemble, conducted by Charles MacInnes. Also performed at the Sydney International Brass Festival.


Azna And Om

duration  13.30

2 solo tubas, 7 tbn, eupho, 2 perc

(7 tbn = alto, 3 tbn, 2 bass tbn, cbass tbn)

A portrayal of the relationship between a goddess and a god, represented by two solo tubas. This piece was commissioned by Steve Rossé (principal tuba, Sydney Symphony Orchestra), and specifically written for low brass.

After a dreamlike opening, the middle section is influenced by Latin rhythms and percussion. A slow, grand finale sees the soloists reconciled. It was recorded by Mr SC and the Wild Bones Gang in Europe, for future release.


Drum 'n' Bass

duration  8.00

bass clar, drum kit

Drum 'n' bass music mostly refers to a style of electronic music beginning in the 90s. This piece explores drum 'n' bass, hip hop and techno grooves, using acoustic performers. It was written for Carl Rossman and Peter Neville, and premiered at a Melbourne Composer's League concert.


Duke's Crusade

duration  8.00

alto sax, piano

A jazz / Classical hybrid for Michael Duke (University of Sydney), showcasing his skills across multiple genres. The opening theme is developed to create most of the material in the piece. A driving ostinato in the piano underpins a quasi improvised section, until the theme returns.

This piece has been included in several exam syllabi, including AMEB and HSC


The Four Immortals

duration  12.00

4 brass soloists, brass ensemble

(ens = 3 tpt, 3 hn, 2 tbn, eupho, tb)

The four titular immortals are Athena, Apollo, Zeus and Poseidon. In the original version commissioned by the Sydney International Brass Festival, the soloists were all low brass with a low brass ensemble. The regular brass ensemble arrangement can be performed with the original solo parts, or four orchestral brass soloists.

Musically this piece involves a lot of harsh, dissonant dialogue between the soloists and the ensemble, including contemporary brass techniques.


A Golden Summer Day

duration  4.00

tpt / cornet, piano

The warmth and enthusiasm of a sunny day are the starting point for a brief ternary piece, written for advanced students. The work was commissioned by Muso's Media to be used as the Open test piece at the Victorian Band League annual State Championships. It can be performed on cornet or trumpet, and has also been arranged for trumpet and organ.

It has been included in the VCE Solo Performance syllabus for trumpet, and is published by Reed Music.




duration  9.00

tpt, tbn, acoustic gtr (+ effects pedals)

Organic modes and gentle lines give way to a harsh, jazz dance. Improvisation in the horns, with reverb and delay pedals in the guitar part.

Commissioned by Ensemble Three, through the University of Melbourne. Premiered by Ensemble Three (Joel Brennan, Don Immel and Ken Murray) in China.


The Pioneer

duration  17.00

acoustic gtr

A suite of five movements, each based on a Heidelberg School painting. They are Bailed Up (Tom Roberts), Obstruction Box Hill (Jane Sutherland), Lost (McCubbin), The Pioneer (McCubbin), and Still Glides The Stream (Streeton). Written for Ken Murray (University of Melbourne), who premiered the suite at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery.

Still Glides The Stream is available, the other movements are under revision.


Pipe Music

duration  3.00

orchestral brass, timp, organ

(brass = 3 tpt, 2 or 4 hn, 3 tbn, tb)

A fanfare written for the Melbourne International Festival of Brass, in which brass and pipe organ vie for supremacy! Brilliant and fiery, without overly taxing the stamina of the brass in regard to the rest of a concert programme.

Commissioned by the City of Melbourne - Living The Arts, and premiered by musicians of Orchestra Victoria.


Suite For Trumpet And Organ

duration  14.45

tpt, organ

Neo-Baroque suite using older forms and techniques. The movements are Intrada, Passacaglia, Fantasia, Dolorosa, Cadenza and Indefatigueable. Written for Anthony Pope (Orchestra Victoria) and Dominic Perissinotto (Basilica of St Patrick, Fremantle). 


Urban Songs

String Quartet 1

duration  18.00

2 vln, vla, vc

Investigating living in an urban environment. Being alone in a crowd, too much communication, the conquest and destruction of nature; issues that are relevant in any city are explored in each movement. The three movements, And There I WasStreetlights And Lost Souls, and The Union, all explore the issues in different ways.

The first movement was premiered by the Silo String Quartet, and the full work will be premiered by the Letter String Quartet at the Melbourne Recital Centre in 2018.




The Coffee Song

duration  2.00

SATB choir, piano

A lively homage to that marvellous bean, and part of a planned series on modern life. Words and music by Andrew Batterham. A very entertaining concert piece for choir and audience alike.

Performed many times by Southern Voices, and recorded by the Composer's Choir USA.


This Is My Time

duration  5.00

voice, piano / MIDI orchestra

Athlete's anthem, words and music by Andrew Batterham. Some use in the media.


3 Psalms

duration around 2.00 each

SATB choir, organ / piano

Psalm settings suitable for use in secular or church occasions. Psalm 70 Save Me O God is fiery and exciting; 117 Praise the Lord All Nations is strong and steady, and 131 Lord I Have Given Up My Pride is dreamy and chromatic.

Psalm 100 Make a Joyful Noise has also been set.


The Young Prince of Tyre

duration  3.00

baritone, piano

Setting of an Ern Malley poem. Part of a wider collection of vocal settings of these hoax poems by many different composers, published by Lyrebird Press in Melbourne




duration  13.00

solo tuba, band / piano

An advanced work in two parts, showcasing the diverse talents of an extraordinary musician. Portuguese tubist Sérgio Carolino can play Classical, funk, be-bop and had a duo with a DJ. This piece consists of a traditional concert band ballad with a heartfelt climax, moving into a funk jam with drums and an extended improvisation for the soloist.

Premiered by Sérgio Carolino and the Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa conducted by Francisco Ferreira, as part of the São João Festival in Porto, Portugal. This piece won the Harvey Phillips Award for composition, at the ITEC conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA



duration 6 .00

concert band

A concert opener written for high school level students. This piece contains everything a band needs in performance; brilliant fanfares, smooth inner sections, and exciting percussion work. It has been performed by a variety of bands.

Commissioned and premiered by Caulfield Grammar School Melbourne, for a European tour. A video of the premiere conducted by Simon Brown can be found on the About page.


How To Win The Rat Race

duration  7.30

big band

Funk original written for the Daryl MacKenzie Jazz Orchestra. This chart leans on the advanced capabilities of great musicians, with a big tenor solo and a passionate conclusion. Recorded by the DMJO on their album Scallywag (see Discs)



duration  6.00

big band

Funk original. James Morrison and Yellowjacket legend Bob Mintzer both enjoyed this tune.

This chart has received performances from such diverse big bands as the Daryl MacKenzie Jazz Orchestra, the Matt Amy Really Big Band, and school bands such as Blackburn High School (who also included a DJ), and Camberwell High School (who included James Morrison). Filthy electric guitar solo, followed by tenor sax. A lot of fun live.



duration 10 .00

solo euphonium, brass band / piano

Three movement-variations on Paganini's Caprice no. 24 for solo euphonium and brass band. Written for Matt van Emmerik and Peter Baker as a euphonium and piano work, this version was premiered by Victoria Brass, conducted by Mark Ford. A video of the performance can be found on the Media page.

Caprice has also been performed by Matt in Hong Kong, and in the USA with the River City Band conducted by James Gourlay. The piece will be available soon from UK brass publishers Studio Music


On To The Field

duration 13 .00

concert band, organ

A large work celebrating the birth of Australia's independence at the Eureka Stockade. One of the founders of the Ballarat Reform League, Timothy Hayes, penned some inspirational words to be read aloud at the Monster Meeting on Bakery Hill just before the uprising; it is from these words the title is taken.

Commissioned by the City of Melbourne. Premiered by the Royal Australian Air Force Band, conducted by Squadron Leader Steve Wright




Winter Music

Piano Sonata 1

duration  24.00


Part of a Four Seasons piano project. Inspired by Western poetry on the subject of winter, including works by Walter De La Mare and William Blake. The opening and closing movements recall the sound of bells tolled in the distance, a nod to the snowy winter landscapes of Caspar Freidrich.



Spring Music

Piano Sonata 2

duration  25.00


Inspired by Indigenous Australian concepts relating to the arrival of spring. Down from Corhanwarrabul depicts the slow procession down into spring lowlands by the Wurrundjeri people, as well as acting as a metaphor for the extermination of their culture. Orchid Season is a lively depiction of flora coming to life, and Birrarung Marr respectfully portrays a meeting of cultures and families by the river.

The composition of this piece was assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. The composer wishes to acknowledge the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, and the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council for their advice on matters involving Woi-wurrung words and the Wurundjeri culture.



Out There

duration  2.45

pipe organ

Commissioned for the opening of the International Astronomer's Conference, Sydney. A colourful, descriptive event opener depicting mankind's study of the stars.

Premiered by Robin Batterham on the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall organ