Sydney International Brass Festival


Andrew was a composer-in-residence at the 2014 Sydney International Brass Festival, which included performances several works by artists from around the world Steve Rossé (Sydney Symphony Orchestra) curated the festival, and premiered Scorpion Dragon along with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra horns and the American Horn Quartet. And the Angel Gabriel Said was performed by the combined festival artists, conducted by Michael Mulcahy (Chicago Symphony Orchestra). Organica was performed by Ensemble Three, who also presented workshops with local Sydney schools.

The other composers-in-residence were Jim Stephenson (USA) and Christopher Gordon (Sydney).

Andrew also attended the Sydney International Brass Festival in 2013 as a composer, where The Four Immortals was given its world premiere. The soloists were Steve Rossé, Sérgio Carolino, Tim Buzbee, and Jessica Buzbee, with the festival artists conducted by Ron Prussing (Sydney Symphony Orchestra).